Ironman 70.30 DURBAN

Ironman for Nature will have 10 athletes participating at the IRONMAN 70.3 DURBAN
in their exclusive lumo green charity vests.




Partner with companies to raise funds for the many projects run by Wilderness Foundation Africa

ATHLETES who are interested in supporting the charity are requested to approach possible sponsors to assist with the cost of a charity slot. Athletes can approach more than one sponsor to cover the cost of a charity slot. The vest space will however be shared.

Successful athletes will be able to dedicate their participation in any of the IRONMAN SA events and join an annual team of charity ambassadors who support IRONMAN FOR NATURE – Striving to make a difference for the environment and nature.

ATHLETES can also Donate via On-line Registration. In all World Endurance Africa Holding events including IRONMAN African Championship, IRONMAN 70.3 Durban and Buffalo City, the 5150 African Triathlon Series, IRONKIDS South Africa and Corporate Triathlon Challenge, athletes are welcome to include a donation to the IRONMAN FOR NATURE Charity when they are completing their online registration to the various events. Please don’t skip the page. No matter what your contribution is, it all adds up and takes the charity closer to the yearly goal.




Companies need not have an athlete participating at an IRONMAN event, they can however still support the charity initiative. Companies can donate directly to the Charity and the Charity will secure an athlete to participate in their vest to ensure they receive exposure during the race while their contribution will go to the many projects “IRONMAN FOR NATURE” supports.

COMPANIES not having an athlete in the event can still make a donation to the IRONMAN FOR NATURE charity. They can show their support via EFT direct to the Wilderness Foundation Africa account, visit our donation page or by requesting an invoice for payment. There is no limit to the donation amount.

Should the donation amount cover the cost of a charity slot, the charity will secure a registered athlete to ensure your brand is visible on the day. This support is tax deductible and can be used to support your company’s BBB EE status as all beneficiaries the charities supports fall well within the requirements of the Socio- economic development category.


Fill in the form below and one of our representatives will contact you regarding how to join IRONMAN FOR NATURE and start making a difference.

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© Ironman for Nature | All rights reserved

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